Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr


Aislynn has the Sight. She can see fairies.  But if they realize that she can see them they will probably blind her or kill her, so her whole life she has carefully pretended that she can’t see them.  She just wants to be a normal teenager, hanging out with her gorgeous best friend, Seth.  Her friends encourage her to be more than friends, but she doesn’t want to ruin their relationship.  Her life changes suddenly when one of the most powerful fairies, Keenan the Summer King, chooses Aislynn to be his queen and attempts to win her over.  Keenan is beautiful, charismatic and persistent, but Aislynn just wants him to leave her alone.  She turns to Seth for help and as they become closer, Keenan becomes more determined to win Aislynn’s affection.  How can she turn down the Summer King for a mere mortal?  Will she choose Seth or Keenan?  And what are the consequences?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  The characters are interesting and I am looking forward to reading about them in the next books.  I highly recommend Wicked Lovely!

Some language and mature situations make Wicked Lovely appropriate for older readers.


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