Science has proven that cloning is possible with animals such as mice and sheep.  These types of experiments are done to help researchers find cures to diseases and learn more about extinct animals. However, is there an ethical line that should not be crossed between cloning and humans? Cat Patrick explores this 21st century dilemma in her new novel, The Originals.

Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey Best have grown up as triplets. This suddenly changes when they discover the truth behind their identities and the secret their mom has hidden from them. The girls are not triplets, they are clones from “the original” girl who has passed away. Their mother is a genetic scientist who now works at the local hospital as an emergency surgeon. The girls have always taken turns going to school, attending extracurricular activities, and hanging out with friends; now it is clear why they have always taken “shifts” playing the life of one girl. ┬áNo one is allowed to know they are clones. Their mother tells the girls that she rescued them after they were born. The researchers wanted to “discard” the clones that were not a perfect match to the original. Unable to see a human life destroyed, their mother stole the three clones and began raising them as triplets. As time grew on, it was harder to keep three separate identities so they moved again to become one girl.

The girls have always followed their mother’s advice and rules, but one of the girls becomes suspicious. Lizzie begins wondering why they must be a secret…who are they hiding from…why does their mom make them wear a tracking necklace with built in GPS…? As Lizzie begins to investigate, she soon discovers the twisted world that only science can create.

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