Wednesdays in the Tower

A sequel to Tuesdays in the Castle, Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George again features the escapades of Princess Wednesdays in the Tower (Castle Glower #2)Cecelia, who lives at Castle Glower in the country of Sleyne.  In this installment, the Castle leads Celie to a Tower that houses a flame-orange egg, which the princess suspects might be that of a dragon or a Roc.  Under Celie’s care, the egg hatches to produce a snapping, snuffling, and snarling anomaly, a creature she is told doesn’t exist, so she must keep secret the hatchling’s existence.  Wild and fragile, frightening and loveable, the creature attaches itself to Celie who names the beast Rufus, after her stuffed lion.

To learn more about her beloved pet’s history, Celie pieces together stories of griffin nurseries, battles, and fearless griffin riders featured in tapestries, on pillow cushions, and in epic poetry.  As Rufus grows more difficult to manage, keeping his presence a secret enlarges as well.

Although castle rooms and corridors initially changed at Castle Glower with a sense of whimsy or because of a need, after Rufus’ birth, Celie begins to notice the changes at the Castle are more drastic, even dangerous.  Other changes portend danger as well, namely the visit of the Wizard Harkness, whose curt manners and other peculiar behaviors raise suspicion.  Before long, Celie’s entire world is in jeopardy.

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