The Other Half of Me by Emily Franklin

Other Half of MeThe Other Half of Me by Emily Franklin. 

Jenny is a teenager with some typical teenage problems. 

She is struggling to fit in with her athletic family.  She wants them to be more supportive of her interests.  She is jealous of her twin sisters’ close relationship and also feels that nobody understands her.  In her family of 6, she feels lonely.

Jenny loves to paint.  The big art show is coming up and she wants to paint something good enough to get into the show.

She has a crush on Tate, and now he seems to like her too. 

Jenny also has some problems that are far from typical.   Her dad was an anonymous sperm donor.  Her siblings all share the same biological father but she does not.  She checks an online database and discovers that she has a half-sister named Alexa.  When Alexa shows up at her house for an extended visit, she gets to know her new sister and learns a lot about herself and her family. 

 This was an enjoyable book.  You feel for Jenny and her struggle to express herself with her painting and to deal with her insecurity.¼/p>

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