One hundred years from now, Great Britain will become an isolated police state with the Agency for Crime Investigation and Defense (ACID) controlling everything. People marry the Life Partners chosen for them, work at careers assigned to them, and live in apartments chosen for them, all by ACID.  Speaking out against the System is punishable by law, as are many things that we currently take for granted. Being accused of a crime is a certain prison sentence, as ACID will do everything within its power, and it is all powerful, to protect itself.

Jenna Strong has been behind bars for the past two years, the only girl in an adult male prison. If nothing else, this time has hardened her into a strong survivor, determined to uncover the truth. Getting sprung from prison is only the beginning of Jenna Strong’s unexpected adventure.

There are quite a few unexpected twists and turns in Emma Pass‘s thoroughly entertaining novel. With each attempt at concealing her true identity Jenna uncovers yet another layer to ACID’s overreaching cruelty.

This is what I’d call a hard-hitting, fast paced novel. Luckily for us, Emma Pass has set it up to be the first book in a series.

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