I’ve waxed on before about how much I love it when a book transports me into a life I’ll never have the chance to live – into a culture, or a time, or a circumstance – because isn’t that the whole point of reading books?  And in a way, that’s the point of all art – whether its a book, a painting, music, theatre – they’re all expressions of the human experience that we share with others to connect us and celebrate the variety and similarity of our time here on Earth.  Last night I started, and was so transported byPadma Venkatraman‘s newest, A Time to Dance, that I skipped my morning workout to stay home and finish it before coming to work.  It is a book written in lyrical verse, set in beautifully detailed Chennai city, India, and that explores how the power of art can both sustain and transform us through times of loss and love.

Veda lives and breathes dance, and from her earliest memories has felt the rhythm of music in every aspect of her life. She thrives on pushing her body to excel and loves the adoration and applause she receives because of her prowess and skill.  But when a tragic accident robs her of her lower right leg, Veda’s world, her identity, and her dreams are devastated.  Adjusting to life with a prosthetic limb is humbling for Veda; yet, the fire in her belly and the encouragement of her beloved grandmother and a few trusted friends help her channel her anger into courage to face the world’s stares, taunts, and pity, as well as the obstacles of everyday living.  But what Veda wants more than anything is to return to the true calling of her soul: dance.  And as she slowly regains her strength, confidence, and balance, Veda discovers spiritual depths, compassion, and love she never expected.

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