Denton Little’s Death Date

Death DateTomorrow’s the Big Day.  Seventeen years and not much to show for it.  The day of the Senior Prom; but for Denton Little, it’s his last day on Earth.  Tomorrow, somehow, he’ll die.

Ever since his Death Date was revealed to him at age five, Denton’s just wanted to “live a normal life.”  Not one for taking risks or pushing the envelope, Denton doesn’t really have much of a list of accomplishments or awesome experiences to call his own, just a lot of run of the mill, boring stuff.  Sure, some people in this world where your death date is determined based on genetics, statistics, astrology, and big-business-backed science, live as big as possible, while others do anything they can to avoid the unavoidable; up to today, Denton’s been pretty much OK with his fate to die young.

But this morning, the day of his Funeral and Celebration Dance, Denton wakes up realizing he’s missed out on a hellavalot.  Fortunately, he’s got at least 24, maybe up to 48 hours, to get a few things checked off his list: first hangover (major), first sex (twice), and first love triangle (girlfriend and best friend’s sister).  Denton’s also developed a fast spreading purple rash that may or may not be what takes him out and he’s confronted at his funeral by an odd, disheveled guy who seems to have urgent information about Denton’s long-dead mother and warning him to be wary of suspicious-looking government agents.

In debut author Lance Rubin‘s Denton Little’s Death Date, Denton thought he had the day-to-day of his life and his death under control.  Now, he’s got more questions than answers and very little time to figure out what it all means.  This quirky book is a lot of things all rolled into one: an hilariously funny, almost-too-late, coming of age story; a meditation on nature of life (and death); a commentary on society’s priorities and prescripts; and a conspiracy laced, big-brother-style mystery.  Denton is one of those likable, kinda clueless, wise-and-obtuse at the same time guys you just gotta love, and the crazy predicaments he keeps stumbling into are enough to make your head spin.  Whether you’re rolling on the floor laughing or rolling over in your grave while you read Denton Little’s Death Date, one thing’s  for sure:  you will realize that you gotta start fully living your life – today.

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