The Devlin Quick Mysteries: Digging for Trouble

A magnet for mystery and adventure and interested in creepy things, Devlin Quick loves sleuthing.  All her detective practice is trainingdinosaur for the day she can devote herself to finding her dad’s killer.  Sleuthing runs in the family since Devlin’s dad covered international politics as an investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal and her mom, Blaine, is New York’s Police Commissioner with a reputation for being “fierce and fair and fearless” (94).  Although twelve-year-old Devlin is willing to leave the fierce quality to others, she acts when she encounters a wrong.

Set in both Manhattan, New York, and in Big Timber, Montana, The Devlin Quick Mysteries: Digging for Trouble by Linda Fairstein revolves around a mysterious paleontologist, Steve Paulson who is the lead on a dinosaur dig in Big Timber near the ranch of Devlin’s friend Katie Cion.  When Katie finds three small fossilized bones on the dig, they are snatched from her by Chip Donner, a local rancher who is also working on the dig. Although Chip vows the bones will be returned to Katie, Devlin sniffs out trouble, especially after the dig site is invaded by trespassers.

Before Devlin can do any real digging into the case, she and Katie have to fly back to New York, but the dinosaur crew is drawn to the dinosaur collection at the American Museum of Natural History, where Steve plans to unveil his big find.  With photographs, contacts, and help from her friend Booker, Devlin persists in digging for the truth.  Her daring, determination, and ability to tell believable fiblets—not real lies because they contain a LARGE kernel of truth to which Devlin adds a bit of wishful thinking—also work in her favor, but danger lurks where risky behavior is involved.  Will youthful instincts and courage be enough to crack the case or will the hoaxers win?

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