PBC Move Chronicle – Let the Unpacking Begin!

Moving12Moving11Moving10Lots of progress has been made in the last few days – the carpet was installed on 1/4 and we moved our front room and offices on Saturday, 1/5.  Our hard-working crew moved the last of the shelving units from our old space on Saturday and on Monday we started the fun process of unpacking. 

A few sections are almost all unpacked as of today – Early Chapter, Picture Books, and Leveled Readers – and they look fantastic! Tomorrow we should get many of the pallets moved into the open spaces so we can have access to unpack Chapter Books and Non-fiction. It’s amazing how much space we have and how great everything is looking as it’s being put into its new home.

Another big “THANK YOU” to our hard-working crew!

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  1. Cori and Jade,

    Congrats on the new location. I wish I were there to see it! I miss conversing about books with my favorite book vendors. Hope all is well.

    Cami Kidd

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