Storybooth by Marcy Kaye & Joshua Sinel

Based on the YouTube sensation, Storybooth compiled by Marcy Kaye and Joshua Sinel is a collection of “amazing & heartbreaking & inspiring stories” told by “brave teens bold enough to share a piece of themselves with the world.” The collection features true confessions, secrets, struggles, embarrassments, heartbreaks, and other facets of diverse and fragile lives. The compilation is brimming with emotion, and many of the stories cover difficult subjects, like rape, homophobia, racism, suicide ideation, self-harm, bullying, abuse, and experimentation with sexual intimacy.

The multifarious voices inspire readers and remind us that we are all in this world together, trying our best, not just to survive but to thrive. Written for adolescents who are struggling because of some negative influence in their lives, these stories remind them that they are not alone; that everyone has challenges. Furthermore, they all carry an undercurrent of support, resonating with the message: “You are worth everything” (197). Hoping that those who need it will seek help, a list of resources is provided in the book’s back matter—from the National Alliance on Mental Health to The Trevor Project.

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