Clay Carmichael’s Brother, Brother shines as an expertly crafted character study and a portrait of a breathtakingly beautiful place, the influence of which shapes the story and the reader.  This is an internal journey of self-discovery, a journey into the meaning of family, and a road trip to a wind swept island where love, power, and jealousy tore a family apart.  Slow moving, thoughtful and though-provoking, and described in vibrant detail, I was lost and then found as I rode along with Brother, his faithful, wise dog Trooper, as they wandered from a place of loss and confusion into a place of forgiveness, hope, andRead More →

If it weren’t for Vance the Bully, Teddy Fitzroy would have a pretty cool life:  he does OK in 7th grade (sure, he’d like more friends), but he gets to live at FunJungle, the world’s biggest zoo, where his world-renowned parents are live-in scientists.  Being around all the animals has its perks and Teddy enjoys his unusual living situation most of the time.  But Vance’s incessant bullying has gotten Teddy into some trouble, since none of the adults at school will help him ward off Vance’s assaults.  Having taken matters into his own hands, Teddy’s latest prank on Vance has gotten him into a no-winRead More →

Diggy Lawson is not your typical eighth grader. Instead of spending his time playing video games and texting his friends, Diggy enjoys being a member of 4-H and raising cattle to compete in the Minnesota State Fair. 4-H is an organization for people to join in the areas of environmentalism, animal care, veterinary science, and many more. With this organization, members must pledge to a clearer thinking about their world by using the four H’s: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. Diggy loves being a part of 4-H and has a crush on a girl named July, who has competed and won at the Minnesota StateRead More →