Reader’s Review: Matched

I just finished Matched by Ally Condie and loved it! I rarely read a book cover to cover but I read this one in two days. I had to see where it was going to go!matched1
A little bit Hunger Games and a whole lot The Giver, Matched is the story of a 17 year old girl figuring out that the utopian society she lives in might not be as flawless as she always thought. Cassia feels as if she’s waited forever to turn 17 and be “matched” with her perfect mate. At the ceremony, Cassia is both surprised and excited that she is matched with her best friend, Xander! This is highly unusual but both Cassia and Xander are delighted! All newly matched couples take home an electronic card that reveals information about their match. Although she knows everything about Xander, Cassia looks at his bio. But as Xander’s familiar face fades from the screen another face briefly appears and she knows this boy too! Was it a mistake? Sorters don’t make mistakes, all matches have been scientifically researched, was this a mistake or a test? In a city where all decisions are made for its inhabitants, Cassia runs into questions that can not be answered, they can’t even be asked!
Cassia’s grandfather is her friend and confidant but he’s scheduled to die in a few days. Everyone dies at 80. It’s the price you pay to live a safe, healthy, life with your perfect match and perfect occupation. Before he dies, Cassia’s grandfather gives her an artifact, a gold compact. In the compact is a piece of paper with poems on it. There is no paper anymore. No one knows how to write anymore. Why did Grandfather give this to Cassie? He knew she’s not allowed to have it and will get in trouble if she’s found out. As Cassia uncovers more inequities and manipulation by authorities she must decide whether to conform to the only life she knows or seek an escape.

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