Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality

Lexi is a sixteen year old girl with a…yes, you guessed it, great personality! Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Lexi is determined to prove to her family and friends that she is more than a great personality. She is an average teenager who is trying to conquer independence, high school, and family drama.

Lexi is known as the “girl with the great personality” in her high school. She doesn’t go out on dates, wear makeup, or dress particularly fashionable. Why waste time participating in the beauty pageant known as high school? When her friend Benny dares her to wear makeup and dress up at school, Lexi takes the dare thinking nothing will come of it. She soon finds out how easy it is to get the attention of others, especially her long time crush, Logan.

Proving herself to her family is a complicated task. Lexi’s younger sister, Mackenzie, steals their mothers attention because she is a beauty queen pageant competitor. Mackenzie is only seven years old but after hair, makeup, and spray tans, she transforms into a terror with a tiara. Because pageants are so expensive and Lexi’s mom is in financial distress from her divorce, Lexi works part time at a retail store to help cover bills and support Mackenzie’s hobby. This leads to fights, drama, and uneasiness throughout the house. Lexi believes Mackenzie should participate in a less expensive hobby, yet her opinion is seen as jealously rather than true worry.

With all of these problems, Lexi is convinced her life can only go up from here. Between the tears, fights with friends, and broken hearts, Lexi finds the importance of her personality and is determined to make something of her life before high school is over. Elizabeth Eulberg transforms the stereotypical teenage girl in,  Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality. This novel is recommended for girls, twelve and up.

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