Nina finds herself at one of the many crossroads of life: that weird time between middle and high school, where we all begin to experiment with who we are, and what we want to be.  The thing is though; Nina doesn’t feel as though she is really changing.  She is the quiet observer to the chaos around her. What began as a way to honor her grandmother’s memory becomes Nina’s summer project.   She decides that she will do something nice for someone – one thing for each of the 65 days of summer.  In better observing her neighbors, in order to discover what she mightRead More →

How would you feel if you had to constantly move, change your name, appearance, and high school? Sadly, this is a feeling that Anna Boyd and her family know all too well. Anna’s parents and little sister are in Witness Protection and have had six identities in less than one year. Moving around is hard enough, but Anna has no idea why she and her family are in Witness Protection to begin with. Not only does Anna have to pick a new name and memorize her “childhood memories”, she is constantly being placed and taken out of various high schools during her senior year. HerRead More →

Lexi is a sixteen year old girl with a…yes, you guessed it, great personality! Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Lexi is determined to prove to her family and friends that she is more than a great personality. She is an average teenager who is trying to conquer independence, high school, and family drama. Lexi is known as the “girl with the great personality” in her high school. She doesn’t go out on dates, wear makeup, or dress particularly fashionable. Why waste time participating in the beauty pageant known as high school? When her friend Benny dares her to wear makeup and dress up at school,Read More →