The first book in a trilogy, Magic or Madness, by Australian author Justine Larbalestier, is the mesmerizing story of 15-year-old Reason Cansino, who has lived with her mother in the Australian bush on the run from her grandmother her whole life. When her mother goes insane, Reason is sent to live with her grandmother, whom her mother has taught her to believe is an evil witch. Once in Sydney, Reason must decipher the mixed messages she received from her mother growing up about the magic her grandmother practiced, and the neat, seemingly normal picture her grandmother presents to her. When she discovers a secret key and a long-dead catRead More →

Lombardo’s Law, by Ellen Wittlinger, is a poignant, funny novel about the confusion of adolescence. 15 year old Justine is quiet, bright and an observer in her own life.  When a family moves in across the street, her mother hopes she’ll make life long friends with the 15 year old girl, Heather. Instead of feeling comfortable with the out-going, popular girl, Justine is drawn to Heather’s younger brother, 13 year old Mike, whose sense of humor and personality are a much closer match to Justine’s. Justine and Mike find a kinship in independent and foreign films, which leads them to write and film their own movie, a teen-parody onRead More →

My Most Excellent Year is an hilarious and poignant novel of love, friendship, the nurturing nature of teen boys and of course, Mary Poppins. Told in letters, IM’s and emails, the author does a wonderful job of transitioning between the multiple voices. Filled with engaging and witty dialogue that will make you laugh, chuckle, or smile(or some weird genetic mutation of all 3) on almost every page.  The relationships between the characters are fresh and uplifting without being over-the-top. My Most Excellent Year is a charming and delightful read, and can be enjoyed by book lovers of all ages. Posted by FaithRead More →

Sonya Sones’ What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know is an easily accessible story of a lovable nerd experiencing his first relationship and its accompanying issues. It tells the story of Robin Murphy, an awkward artist who happens to land a popular girlfriend. When she is dropped by her friends for dating ‘the’ Murphy, they must make a stand together or lose what they have fought to gain. Written in accessible verse, What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know is a poignant coming-of-age tale. Sones’ narrator Murphy is the anti-hero whose quirks and insecurities are instantly endearing and lovable. As an imperfect Prince Charming, Murphy’s journey from timid boyRead More →