Fantastic Tales of Nothing by Alejandra Green and Fanny Rodriguez

In the kingdom of Nothing, every time peace between the volken and the human races seems imminent, something happens to fuel the conflict with fear or lies and then prevent the two factions from achieving peaceful coexistence. What or who is behind this perpetual warring?

Targeting middle-grade readers, the graphic novel Fantastic Tales of Nothing by Alejandra Green and Fanny Rodriguez is an adventure featuring an unlikely quartet: Nathan Cadwell, Sina, Bardou, and Haven, who form an unexpected bond. Nathan is a human boy who simply wants a quiet and peaceful life, with maybe a little money to gamble now and then. Sina Crowe is a volken, a mercenary shape-shifter who takes a crow’s shape when it suits her. She not only knows magic but speaks Ancient, which is nature’s language.  Her companion, Bardou Griswold, is half volken/half human and capable of shifting into a wolf’s shape. Because the Court and the Wolf Clan have taken so much from him already, he is somewhat cynical and harbors vengeful thoughts. And finally, Haven is a fae, seeking her lost family.

Together, the foursome travel to the Imperial Palace. There, they meet Naoki, the Imperial Prince of Nothing, and learn that Nathan is the Chosen One who must travel to Aiko’s tomb at the base of Mount Slain and retrieve Lerina’s key. Although Nathan is certainly not interested in the responsibility to save a kingdom, that is exactly the path upon which he travels.

On this journey, Nathan and his companions encounter murders, disappearances, weird apparitions, and weather that doesn’t make sense.

Green and Rodriguez, authors and artists, create an action-packed tale rich with color symbolism and cinematic qualities. The heroes of their story all begin with nothing when their adventure begins but come to realize the wealth that comes when we choose people over power, learn to release the wonder within us all, and abandon our prejudices about mixed blood.

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