Any reader fascinated by math or science or curious about the universe will likely find Pi in the Sky by Wendy Mass intriguing.  Mass tells the story of thirteen-year-old Joss, the seventh son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe. Each chapter of her book begins with a quote from an astronomer, physicist, mathematician, cosmologist, chemist, engineer, naturalist, or writer captivated by the universe.  These quotes form the underlying themes of the book. Joss, virtually an immortal life form, lives in The Realms, which are located inside dark matter, so parts of it reach out into all the galaxies.  In The Realms, many of theRead More →

How would you feel if you had to constantly move, change your name, appearance, and high school? Sadly, this is a feeling that Anna Boyd and her family know all too well. Anna’s parents and little sister are in Witness Protection and have had six identities in less than one year. Moving around is hard enough, but Anna has no idea why she and her family are in Witness Protection to begin with. Not only does Anna have to pick a new name and memorize her “childhood memories”, she is constantly being placed and taken out of various high schools during her senior year. HerRead More →

I’ve said before that I have a rule about reading books about dogs, and for the most part I stick to it – they just tear me up and it’s not worth the emotional upheaval to take a chance.  But every once in awhile I break my rule and, wouldn’t you know it, I am rewarded with a good story, characters I care about, and a dog (or two) that I wish I could bring home and call my own. When Randi Barrow‘s prequel to Saving Zasha, Finding Zasha, came across my desk, I knew it would be one that’d be a rule breaker.  Read More →

Our birthday is on Saturday May 18th, 2013, and we’re planning all kinds of fun to celebrate. Join us between noon and four for all kinds of fun & games, delicious snacks, crazy sales, the chance to win a free year’s worth of books and more – we can’t wait to see you here! FOR FULL PARTY DETAILS CLICK HERE We will be giving away fun prizes at 8 past every hour, plus we’ll have delicious snacks, fun & games, and CRAZY 8’s Sales! Come on by! We’re Turning 8, So We’re Giving Away 8 Great Prizes! If you like us on facebook and attend ourRead More →

If you received an email from an unknown person, would you reply? Most people would delete the message without even opening it…but what if that email held the fate of your future love life? Ellie O’Neill receives an email from While the email address is unfamiliar to her, curiosity forces her to read it. The email was accidentally sent to her but the topic of the message piked her interest. This mystery person was telling Ellie about his pet pig and was unaware that he sent it to the wrong person. Ellie informs GDL824 about his accidental message to her, yet their conversation does not end there. WeeksRead More →